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Pay What You Can
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Verify Application Fees
Nearby Rent Rates
Identify Owner of Record
Date of most recent sale
Identify Property Manager**
Identify Condominium Association***
Property "For Sale" Alert
Bank-Owned Property Alert
Building Type
Date of Construction
Neighborhood Demographics
Nearby Public & Private Schools
Reported Crimes - 12 months
Political Boundaries
Public Transit & Bike Sharing
Grocery Stores
Cable & Broadband Providers
Pet Policy: Landlord
Itemized Sources with Links
Email Highlights
Sample Order Sample Order
Landlord and Manager Corporate Data Basic Detailed
Foreclosure Filings Basic Detailed
Property Tax Payment History Basic Detailed
Abnormal Property Debts Basic Detailed
Building Court Appearances Basic Detailed
Building Code Violations, 10 years Basic Detailed
Construction Permits, 10 years Basic Detailed
Life Safety Evaluation Status**** Basic Detailed
Neighborhood Information Basic Detailed
Building and Area Noise Analysis Basic Detailed
Street Parking Difficulty Analysis Basic Detailed
Sample Order Sample Order
Confidence Factor Score
Star Ratings
Alert Summary
Interactive Area Map
Landlord and Manager Criminal Search*****
Nearby Sex Offender Alert
Deceased Landlord Alert
Probate Court Alert (Wills and Estates)
Long-Distance Landlord Alert
Evicted Landlord Alert***
Eviction Cases: Landlord
Bankruptcy Filings: Landlord
Landlord-Tenant Court Cases: Landlord
Customer Service History: Landlord
Eviction Cases: Property Manager**
Landlord-Tenant Court Cases: Property Manager**
Bankruptcy Cases: Property Manager**
Customer Service History: Property Manager**
Condominium Association Analysis***
Identify Condominium Association Property Manager***
Recent Foreclosures: Condominium Association***
Recent Evictions: Condominium Association***
Pet Policy: Condominium Association***
Rental Policy and Fees: Condominium Association***
Customer Service History: Condominium Association***
Amenities: Condominium Association
Sample Order Sample Order
* Application fees and policies provided when published by landlord.
** Property Management information available for rental properties with property managers only.
*** Condominium data only available for rentals in condominium buildings.
**** Life Safety Evaluation check included for rentals in high rise buildings (over 80 feet tall).
***** Criminal searches include name searches of Cook County Sherriff Arrest Warrants, Sex Offense Registries as well as the ‘most wanted’ lists shared by the ATF, DEA, EPA, FBI, ICE, Interpol, Secret Service and US Marshals. Individuals with very common names are only included with photo verification.
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