It seems like everyone has a friend with a horror story about a terrible apartment. Apartment hunting has always been risky process. Renters have been forced to choose their apartments based on guesswork, gut instinct and blind faith - until now.

A RentConfident Report can protect you from personal loss and injury. Our trained researchers assemble data from over 60 sources of information so that you have all the facts in front of you before you sign a lease.


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We offer "pay what you can" pricing for all of our reports. Choose from the quick and precise Fingerprint Report or the super-thorough Signature Report.

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No Agent? No Problem.

Our Reports give you all the insight you need to choose a safe, secure apartment. We also provide further tips and tricks for smart renters in our blog!


Facts, not Opinions.

Review sites can be biased and they only cover a few addresses. We comb through over 60 verifiable sources, using the power of open government data to get you the facts on any address in Chicago.

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Level the Playing Field.

It's taken for granted that landlords will run background checks on their tenants. Isn't it about time that tenants took a closer look at their landlords, too? Find out about our Mission and Our Team.

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